What is the SZABIST Law Society?

SZABIST Law Society (or SLS for short) is a student society open to members of SZABIST Law School. It was established in 2003 and has over the years developed into a dynamic and lively organization. SLS is elected by the students; it works with the students, for the students. The SLS has a Constitution which governs all affairs of the SLS.

What does the SLS do?

The aim of the SLS is to further the social and extra-curricular development of the student body through a range of activities.  It provides students the opportunity to meet and network with important members of the profession. It also holds and participates in mooting competitions to give the students the chance to develop mooting and public speaking skills. Students can exercise and enhance their publications and legal writing skills by getting involved with the Annual Law Review (the annual publication of SLS) and the other periodical publications. Finally, the social events and parties of SLS give students the chance to take a hard earned break from the crazy study routine that is required by the LLB course. The events which define a SLS termcard are usually the Welcome party, the Annual Law Dinner and the Farewell party (among others).

How is the SLS structured?

According to the Constitution of SLS, the affairs of the SLS are managed by the Executive Committee which consists of 16 members who are elected by the student body. The members of the Executive Committee include the President, Vice President, Treasurer, General Secretary, Social Secretary, Master/Mistress of Moots, Publications Secretary, Publicity and Communication Secretary, Career Secretary, External Affairs Secretary and seven deputy secretaries. The Executive Committee is supervised by a Faculty Advisor (a member of the Faculty appointed by the Head of the Law Program). The Head of the Law Program is also the Patron-in-Chief of the SLS. The SLS also has a Supreme Court and an Accountability Bureau. The structure of SLS is explained in further detail in the Constitution, a copy of which can be obtained from the SLS office at campus. This information will also be available on the SLS website and facebook group shortly.

Do I have to become a member of SLS? What is the membership fee?

Yes, every student registered with the Law Program must become a member of SLS. The membership fee is Rs. 1,500 (or such other fee as may be determined by the administration) which every member must pay within the first week of start of term. This fee entitles you to participate in the welcome and farewell functions and the Annual Law Dinner. Bear in mind that your membership fee only covers a fraction of the cost of the plethora of events organised by the SLS and a large share of the revenues of SLS is derived from donations and grants. So pay your membership fee asap!

What are the benefits of being part of SLS?

The whole point of registering with SZABIST for the University of London International Program (as opposed to doing it on your own) is to benefit from what SZABIST has to offer. SZABIST Law School not only offers excellent academic training and assistance, but it also gives you the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities considered essential for a legal education and the chance to enjoy a happening campus life!

How active should I be in the SLS?

As members of SLS, all students are encouraged to take active part in all activities organized by SLS. The more active you are the more benefit you will be able to derive from its activities and the more fun you will have. You can contest the elections of SLS and become a member of the prestigious Executive Committee. Even if you do not win the election, you can be involved by becoming a part of the Accountability Bureau or by applying for the post of Registrar of the Supreme Court.

What is the difference between 1st year and 2nd/3rd year students in terms of SLS?

All students of the law program are equal members of the SLS with equal rights and entitlements under the Constitution. However, for certain posts within the SLS (which include the post of the President, Vice President and the seven Secretaries) only 2nd and 3rd year students are eligible to contest the elections. Many law societies around the world have this distinction and this rule has been adopted for the SLS after considerable debate and deliberation. The idea is for 1st year students to utilize the first year by getting used to the degree and familiarizing themselves with the workings of the SLS. Nonetheless, first year students can contest the elections for the post of Treasurer and the seven Deputy Secretaries and can vote for all posts.

When will the elections be held?

Elections to the Executive Committee are held once a year, on or before the third week of October. The date of the elections and its rules and regulations will be announced soon. You are encouraged to utilize the time till the elections in getting to know your class fellows and seniors so that you can vote for the right people. Candidates will be required to answer your questions in live debates which you should not miss at any cost!

How will taking part in SLS activities affect my studies?

There is a perception that being active with the SLS will impact your studies negatively. We strongly disagree. If you are the kind of student who knows the art of balancing work (both curricular and extra-curricular) and life, you are guaranteed to be more successful in your practical life. Do not neglect your studies at any cost, but please do not become a nerd either!